If you want it, there is no place on earth where you can’t feel or find peace. Peace is everywhere. If you find this puzzling and ask how it can be true, my reply would be to simply remove the people and you will find peace. What does this say about us? One of the reasons that I love being with my horses is the peace and tranquility that I experience while being in their company. As herds develop and a pecking order is sorted out, horses share a one-minded consciousness that allows them to live in harmony and unity.

As horse lovers, we spend a lot of time researching and learning about the true nature of horses through reading books, attending clinics, and listening to scientists and other knowledgeable people to make the world a better place for our horses. No matter what you desire to learn about horses, you will never truly "know" horses until you spend time EXPERIENCING them. By listening to others, you can only repeat what you have learned second-hand. Conversely, as you learn through your experience with a horse, you learn first- hand from the source which is, of course, the horse himself.

Two people can look at the same thing and see it differently. Understanding this fundamental truth gives birth to the fruit of respect for our differences. I don’t have an answer concerning why some people seem to enjoy conflict. It seems that mankind is still trying to find its way and we will move in the wrong direction until we all open our hearts and minds to learning and thinking differently.

My experience in learning from horses has yielded the highest possible calling. Horses have opened my eyes to the practice of living in a harmonious community. Those of us who are fortunate enough to have horses to learn from should be on the forefront of living in harmony with one another because we continually see perfect examples right in front of us. Being a leader of peace is a lesson which can be cultivated from horses. I challenge myself daily to live and to be at peace. Horses never fail me and I know they will never fail you either. Imagine how proud horses would be to know that we can learn such a life-changing lesson from them; a lesson that has the power to impact the quality of life for all. We don’t have to MAKE peace, we ARE peace. Open yourselves to the knowledge that horses have many lessons to teach. Once you learn their greatest lesson (which is to live in community while fostering harmony and unity) you will develop a reverence for yourself, horses, other people, and all of life. With a greater appreciation for the sacredness of all beings, peace is certain to bloom like wildflowers in a meadow.

Peace be with you and your horses.

Linda & The Herd